Buying Apartments in Pattaya

Buying apartments in Pattaya is one task, renovating them is another challenge altogether. If all goes off without a hitch, it can be a rewarding and fun project. On the other hand it can turn into a costly nightmare and if you arent careful, your plan to dress up a cheap shell and make a quick profit can turn sour. Continue reading “Buying Apartments in Pattaya”

X2 Vibe Samui Nautilus Hotel

Up on a hill, located 10 minutes from Chaweng, Bhoput and the airport, looking north-east across the Gulf of Thailand to Koh Phangan. Does the location get any better than this? The X2 (Cross Two) Vibe Samui Nautilus Hotel is an investment, condominium and hotel, all wrapped up into one development. Choose from Studios, 1 or 2 bedroom or Penthouse. Continue reading “X2 Vibe Samui Nautilus Hotel”

A Guide to buying a Property or Real Estate in France

Depending on the property and possibly the area, the laws on buying and selling Property in France can vary somewhat. Be careful with the capital gains tax as this is chargeable on all second home sales owned for less than two years at a rate of 33% with a sliding reduction on pofit percentages over a 20 years period. Continue reading “A Guide to buying a Property or Real Estate in France”

A Guide to buying a Property or Real Estate in Croatia

Croatia is determined to protect what it has and committed to protecting their coastline, so seafront properties will be at a premium. Having said that there is no shortage of stunning seafront properties available. If you buy on the beach the public will have access to the land to at least 6m above the waterline. Continue reading “A Guide to buying a Property or Real Estate in Croatia”

Buying property in Langkawi

Much of Langkawi’s overseas property market stems from the countries in its immediate vicinity with buyers from Singapore, which is only 32km away, being chief among them. Singapore proximity means that many buyers live in Langkawi and then commute into the Lion City. This option has become increasingly popular among Singaporeans over recent years who at present make up 14 per cent of overall buyers for properties in Malaysia. Continue reading “Buying property in Langkawi”