Buying Apartments in Pattaya

Buying apartments in Pattaya is one task, renovating them is another challenge altogether. If all goes off without a hitch, it can be a rewarding and fun project. On the other hand it can turn into a costly nightmare and if you arent careful, your plan to dress up a cheap shell and make a quick profit can turn sour.

Apartments in Pattaya come in many sizes shape, so if you are not taking on the challenge it would be wise to discuss with an expert beforehand. There are plenty of new apartments entering the market in Pattaya, and expectations of style and comfort are high. The older buildings lack this, since there has been such a drammatic change in the finished product, 10 years on.

Renovating gives you the opportunity to take an outdated and undesirable unit, bought cheaply, and turn it into something modern and refreshing. This makes it marketable and you can turn around a tidy profit.

Renovating apartments or condos in Pattaya isnt expensive and there are many competent craftsmen and builders available, but just as many scammers taking advantage of the influx of naive and trusting foreigners arriving in Pattaya. Most foreigners rely on word of mouth from other expats. In Pattaya costs vary wildly according to how gullible you are and your bargaining skills.

Quality is also a rather vague concept in Thailand. Delays, mistakes, inferioir materials and sloppy workmanship can all erode your perceived profit margin. . Invariably it is those who have a Thai spouse or friend to help with the instructions, bargaining and supervision, that get the most satisfactory results.

Buying Apartments in Pattaya

When renovating or decorating apartments in Pattaya a frequent complaint from those undertaking building is the attention to detail from artisans and craftsmen. The superficial appearance is far more important in their mind than the functionality and longevity. Watch out for sloppy work, messy painting, poor woodwork and sometimes downright stupidity.

Two excellent all-in-one resources are Home Pro in the Carrefour in Center Pattaya and Index Mall. At these large stores the creative breadth of building here in Thailand is impressive.

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