Condo Staycation: Living at Port Credit Condos Under $700K

Nothing beats having a condo unit that overlooks such beautiful scenery. Anyone can wake up to that everyday. So if you’re looking for a property that will provide vacation feels, the Port Credit neighborhood is spot on! On top of that, this neighborhood faces the pristine Credit River, morning coffees with this view will never be the same again. To start your condo search, here are our top 5 listings from Condo Mapper.

Unlike other neighborhood areas in Toronto, Port Credit provides more freedom to its residents and newcomers. More options for housing and residential settlements without spending too much. Especially in a city this big, it must be hard to find a decent space where you feel comfortable and safe.

Most recent condo units can range for up to $900-1,000,000 for just a studio type condo, 1 bathroom and without a parking spot. That might sound like a stress on your budget but that’s the reality when living in the city.

Fortunately, Port Credit has condo units that are priced below $700k with spacious rooms and more amenities. That’s actually a great deal when you think about condo living in the city. Considering this neighborhood while working on what you have will help you save a lot.

Port Credit condos

3065 Queen Frederica Dr #703 ($390,000)

This condo unit features a 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom with 1 dedicated parking space. For the price below $500k, you’ll get the best deal from your budget. The interior features an open space design where you can be free to customize your area. Plus the location has some greeneries for morning walks and workouts.

1333 Bloor St #803 ($549,900)

Level up your condo living experience with this massive 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom condo unit. The highlight of this unit is its massive floor area, perfect for individuals who love having guests ever. You can also extend the party through the terrace to accommodate more family and friends.

1333 Bloor St #305 ($565,000)

Featuring the same building location is another charming unit that features a 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom plus 1 dedicated parking space. If you’re the one who prefers a less open floor design, the interiors of this condo surely fits your style.

1333 Bloor St #601 ($580,000)

If you like it spacious, bright and modern style, this condo unit features it all. It has a total of 2 bedrooms,1 bathroom and 1 parking space for your car. The location is superb, close to establishments and wonderful recreation activities fit for active families like yours.

1333 Bloor St #2516 ($699,900)

Definitely last but not the least, is a condo unit especially for bigger families. This unit features a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom and 1 parking space. Your kids will have the time of their life as they enjoy their own bedrooms while also getting close knit with the rest of the family.

Visit Condo Mapper’s official website to check out updated condo listings around Port Credit condos.

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