Overview Of The Goodwood Residence In Singapore

Your search for a condominium in Singapore will lead you to many high quality choices. If you would prefer living in one of the newer structures, you may want to consider residing at the Goodwood Residence of Singapore. Located in District D10, it is an exceptional location, located in the Orchid-Scotts area. You will only be a short distance from the Newton MRT station, and will be protected by the incredible security team that is part of this complex. Here are the reasons that you should consider living at the Goodwood Residence condominiums.

What Amenities Are Available At This Facility?

The amenities that are there include a clubhouse, lounge, and a swimming pool. You also get access to a spa pool, steam bath and a playground for your kids. There is a gymnasium room, barbecue area, and also a Jacuzzi. You will be protected by 24 hour security. If you like to play tennis, there are tennis courts that are available for use. There is also a pool deck where you can get a tan. These are just a few of the many amenities that are available at this location that is in one of the most highly coveted areas of Singapore.

Goodwood Residence Singapore

How Much Do These Condominiums Cost?

The condominiums are available for both rent and for purchase. If you decide to purchase one, they are priced between S$ 2,950,000 – S$ 25,000,000. There are a total of 210 units at this location, many of which will be available. If you like this particular area of Singapore, and you have been looking for an upscale condominium, you now know where to go. You can speak with representatives that are selling or renting these units to set an appointment to see them in person. Find out more today about the Goodwood Residence.